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Last Days Signs and Wonders with Mel Bond

This is the home of Mel Bond's Television Show
"Last Days Signs and Wonders"
This exciting series teaches how to release God's Anointing for miracles.

  1. Having A Perfect Heart (Part 1) January 15, 2017 - Mel Bond

  2. The Power Of Conceiving God's Word (Part 2) January 8, 2017 - Mel Bond

  3. The Power Of Conceiving God's Word (January 1, 2017) Mel Bond

  4. The Invisible God (December 25, 2016) Mel Bond

  5. A Lost Power That Is Found (December 18, 2016) Mel Bond

  6. Interpertation Of God's Word Versus The Truth Of God's Word (December 11, 2016) Mel Bond